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We are surrounded by Grace, Abundant Energy

of God! But, we must allow that flow to express in and through us!


Prosperity Promises, Your Freeway to Prosperity and Abundant Living!

Do you sometimes feel there must be something you don't know about attaining wealth, prosperity and abundance that other people DO?

Prosperity (wealth) is something that almost everyone seeks yet it eludes most. Do you find prosperity, abundance and wealth hard to attain? Do you ever wonder why it is for some people, everything they touch "turns to gold" while others, who work extremely diligently and follow proven step-by-step programs still have difficulty?

If So, Welcome!

I wondered exactly the same thing! And I want to share with you what I’ve learned. You’ll find the information included on my website will empower you to really understand the absolute scientific and spiritual evidence of the unfailing Laws of the Universe!


Following is a quote about attaining wealth from Wallace D. Wattle’s book The Science of Getting Rich. And this “science” that he points out to us is "The Immutable Laws of Universe".  It was true then, it is true now, and it will always apply. Here is what he said: "THERE is a Science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches; once these laws are learned and obeyed by any man, he will get rich with mathematical certainty.

Wallace D. Wattle, 1910


What Do You Desire?

The Purpose of Prosperity Promises is to offer you a way towards living a life that is more fulfilled; one where your desires come true, where you see through your fears and release them, where relationships work, where wealth is abundant by design, and where you replace struggle and confusion with certainty and ease by coming to understand and claim your birthright!

In Prosperity Promises, you will find an exact and reliable guide to living a successful life constantly and with total peace of mind. You will understand the link between your thoughts and your experience. Your true potential, purpose and nature will be exposed. You’ll discover effective, effortless, joyful and abundant ways to live in the FLOW of prosperity and freedom.

It is a plan to liberate your mind and your life experience and allow you to create your life as you would have it. It is given freely to you. And it is more precious that all the Gold on Earth.


Are you breathing right now?

How much did you pay for that precious breath you just took?

Nothing. Yet that breath is worth more than anything else you did in that moment. You have a lot more that is free and valuable in you than you realize. You are a powerful Creator, and you create your own reality. You will soon clearly see that everything you need to become the person you always dreamed of is inside of you and that nothing outside of you can stop you. It's the Laws! And Prosperity promises of ages...  It's Guaranteed!


I Am Wealth, I Am Abundance, I Am Joy!


Infinite Power of Love and Laws are always available to us from the One Source. Power is embodied as us, and through us as Infinite (God) made visible. We are one with this Power; we live, move, and have our Being in this power as it guides us in all areas of our lives.


I Am Wealth, I Am Abundance, I Am Joy!



"And so it is from your lager identity that you for, the reality that you know....

It is up to you to do this with joy and vigor, clearing your conscious mind so that the deeper knowledge of your greater identity can form joyous expressions in the world of the flesh"


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I live, move and create my being in Abundant Universe!

I am always provided for in every way, every day!

I am Wealth, I am Abundance, I am JOY!





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